17th Edition Mock Exams

17th edition Mock Exams

We have the largest collection of mock exams for you to download and practice with.

Some of these exams are based on the earlier edition of the Wiring Regulations BS7671 and some of them are on the latest third amendment. This should not give you any concern since all the questions and answers are still relevant and valid.

Because the 17th edition exam is a two hours 60 questions exam, these exam papers are structured in the same way as well. There are a few ones with 30 questions in which case you should halve the time available to yourself. In all cases you should aim for 65% in order to be confident in passing the 17th Edition exam.

Do not forget, this is an open book exam and all answers are located within the BS7671 book. To check your answers, please use the answers provided at the last page the mock exams.

Feel free to download and print these exam papers.

17th Edition Mock Exams in pdf form:

17th Edition-Mock-Exam-1
17th Edition-Mock-Exam-2
17th Edition-Mock-Exam-3
17th Edition-Mock-Exam-4
17th Edition-Mock-Exam-5
17th Edition-Mock-Exam-6
17th Edition-Mock-Exam-7
17th Edition-Mock-Exam-8
17th Edition-Mock-Exam-9

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