C&G 2382-15 Exam Preparation


The City and Guilds 2382-15 17th Edition exam is considered to be one of the harder exams for electricians.

Even if it is an open book exam, you will need to be very good finding your way around in a book that is basically a set of standards and regulations.

The BS7671 book has not been designed to be an easy read. Because of this the best way of preparing yourself for the exam would be to practice using the book. Start by reading through the book from start to finish at least once. After this you should move on to practicing with the help of downloadable practice material found on this website.

You should start by working on the questions in Questions Part 1-7 section. By the time you complete these questions, you should have a good understanding about the layout of the book.

Now, all you need to do is keep practicing to gain some speed for the exam. Your best resources for this are the Practice Questions and Answers section of this website where you will find lots of material to practice with.

Once you are done with these, you should move on to Mock Exams. Make sure to have a timer with you, in order to simulate real exam conditions. Do not forget the 17th Edition Exam is an open book exam.

Going through the practice materials found on this website will take up considerable time and by the time you finish with all, your real exam should be just about coming up. The final thing that we would recommend , just before the real exam, is to practice with an online exam simulator making sure that you are 100% ready for your C&G 2382-15 exam.

Download, share and enjoy.

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